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How to integrate stories in content for effective content marketing?

How to integrate stories in content for effective content marketing?

Content Marketing and Storytelling is an art, which always has amazed amateur readers of all age groups. Stories were considered as a medium of entertainment and people used to enjoy reading them in books, seeing them in movies and soap operas, etc.

With the increasingly competitive business scenario, storytelling has emerged as an important element of the engagement metrics and overall marketing strategy for business. To leverage the power of the internet, and grab the attention of prospective customers, content marketing is making use of storytelling for business growth. Let us see how to integrate stories for effective digital marketing using new age content marketing techniques.

Reimagine your business from the point of view of a customer

Humans are dynamic creatures with variegated needs and expectations. To strike a chord with the target audience, a business must start working to assimilate engaging stories in communication channel just like a Coca-Cola with strong fundamentals.  No one is directly interested in knowing about a business, until and unless they get an idea about how can a business or a product add value to their life. It is not about what I can do, but how that can be beneficial for the customer. So, craft stories taking real life examples on how a product changed the life of someone, not sure? Check out the GoPro YouTube page, It’s really inspiring.

Humanize your content

Content development is an art. But the excessive usage of content everywhere has created a dispassionate tone for content over the web. No one likes a cold sales pitch, or a blog post, which fails to stimulate the mind to think or heart to feel. To succeed in content marketing, the content used should appeal to real humans, and not just crawlers or search engines for SEO purposes.

Focus on value addition rather than content creation

Business must not write down something on a blog or elsewhere just for the sake of content creation. Quality matters more than quantity, and when you focus on value addition, you are adding to the quality of your offering. Imagine stories and integrate it with your content marketing mission statement. Make sure the story has a strong emotional appeal and not just flows in a rush to sell. Make your stories be the portrayal of your mindset, and keep the customer at the top of your thought process.

Document your brand story

It is essential that a business must have a uniform brand story, which is woven around actual incident and which can be used as an inspiration to connect with the audiences. A story is more appealing to target audience than a sales pitch. So, every brand should work upon creating and documenting their core brand story, which would be used to create a timeline for customers to feel associated with business. Creating a business is a journey, and every journey leaves some stories. Use the strong emotional power of a business story to engage prospective customers.

Be identifiable because of not just what you have to offer, but also because of what you have to say because facts are always forgotten, but fiction always stays in the heart. So, to excel in your content marketing efforts, it is essential to integrate actual stories. Keep writing such stories, where a consumer feels connected and see your efforts succeed in minimum time.

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